Samsung Galaxy S22 Might Come With Sony PS5-Level Graphics

It’s hard to believe but all the Samsung Galaxy S22 phones might come with Sony PS5 type of graphics.

With all the major phone releases of this year behind us, it’s time to remember and revise or even better, look out for the next ones. As in, the Galaxy phones of 2022. We talked about why you’ll love the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition so it’s only fitting that we discuss Galaxy S22 now. That is the flagship phone series Samsung is preparing for February.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Sony PS5-level GPU

I know everyone’s been raving about the camera on the S22 Ultra, but this should get you even more excited. All three phones – the vanilla, Plus and Ultra – are gonna get one of these two chips: Exynos 2200 or the Snapdragon 898 (depending on the region, as you well know.) 

Turns out, the Exynos processor will include an AMD graphics card. If we’re lucky, this GPU will come with the architecture and ray tracing PlayStation 5 sports. For those getting the phone with Exynos 2200, that fact might be the ultimate selling point. 

Samsung Galaxy S22: Camera changes

With such performance under the hood, let’s now look at the camera. While looks do matter, something tells me you could survive with a P-shaped camera bump if Samsung got the internals right. And if you can’t, not to worry – recent leaks point towards a camera island that’s flush with the phone body. 

Instead of a camera bump with protruding lenses, the S22 Ultra will feature barely-there, beady spider eyes. The vanilla and Plus models should maintain their camera design while enhancing the camera features.

This means we’ll go from a main 12MP camera to a 50MP GN5 sensor, an RGBW one which could convey highlights in photos better than ever. The other two cameras will remain 12MP ones but the tele one is set to offer 3x optical zoom, which is a big improvement from the S21. 

What will those tiny spider eyes work as? They will host a 108MP main camera, a 12MP ultrawide, a 12MP tele and a 12MP periscope with 10x zoom. Expect optical image stabilization for all four of them!

Of course, not everything is peachy about this phone. There are several things that annoyed me and might put you out too.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Display and Sizes

But before I get into that, let’s talk about display and size. 

Considering their names, it’s no surprise that the Galaxy S22 has 6.1-inches, the Plus, 6.5-inches and the Ultra shows off with its 6.8-inches. The panels Samsung is gonna use are the recently released eco ones which are thinner and reduce power consumption by 25%. You can find out how they are made here!

All three displays have 120Hz refresh rates, so they are definitely ready for gaming, binge-watching, streaming… you name it! 

Samsung played with the design and size of them, too. As in, the S22 phones are gonna be a bit wider and have rounder edges than the current ones. However, you will see next to no bezels.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Battery charging performance

Are there are any drawbacks to these phones? Certainly. The incredibly slow battery charging, to start with, just 25W for the standard Galaxy S22 and the Plus. S22 Ultra may be an exception and go for 45W, but nothing’s set in stone. 

As battery cells go, they are… decent. Nothing to celebrate, certainly, but nothing to hate on either. As usual S22 drew the short stick with a mere 3,700mAh battery, followed by the Plus with only a 4,500 mAh pack. Again, S22 Ultra will be the one to claim the biggest cell, at 5,000mAh.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Price

Now that you have a pretty good picture of the three phones, let’s talk about the price. How much could these handsets cost? Realistically, we know Samsung is not afraid to push big numbers out there – their foldables are proof of that. So, don’t expect a budget S22 phone. There isn’t gonna be one.

Best case scenario the Galaxy S22 will sell for $800, while the Ultra should be $1000 or more. Then again, remember that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is replacing the Note.

Could these phones be unbeatable next year? Tell me below!

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