Samsung S21 FE: Best 8 Things About It

We’re here to point you to a smart investment and pull you out of a bad one. Here are the things that make the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE a good deal… even if it is set to be a very late one. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Launch Date

When Samsung launched these cut-down versions of a flagship at the end of summer, they pressed just the right buttons. The products appealed to folks in need of a good phone but with almost no money left after vacation. Also, the the phone release was scheduled so it wouldn’t clash with Black Friday and risk getting lost in a sea of awesome deals. 

But chip shortage and other issues delayed the production this year. Galaxy S21 Fan Edition didn’t show up at the end of August or during their Unpacked 2 event.

Our bet is that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will drop next year, with some leaksters pointing towards January 11. Is Samsung planning to release it with the Galaxy S22? Or will the flagship come a month later? Samsung hasn’t said anything yet but one thing’s for sure: Galaxy S22 will launch closely to the Fan Edition. So, you’ll have to decide between those two. 

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Great Price

For many, that is going to be a question of price. From what I can tell Samsung Galaxy S21 FE should be less than $699, maybe around $650 dollars?! Indeed, it should be cheaper than the one before it; after all, Samsung cut the prices of this year’s flagships.

That is just one of several things that you’ll love about this phone and that make it a true Fan Edition.

2&3. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Fresh Colors and Thinner Profile

The next thing is the look. Don’t expect a huge shift from the vanilla model, but S21 FE will come with some slight changes. For one, it will bring more color variants. Pale lavender and olive green will come straight from the factory. That’s good to know if you like transparent covers anyway or don’t use any at all.

Also, the Fan Edition phone’s size will differ from the standard one. Samsung is taking out all of the extra, leaving us with a thinner phone, while expanding its length and width.

Look at it side by side with a normal S21, and you’ll see the Fan Edition is wider and taller. But this won’t affect the display whatsoever; you will still get to play, swap and tap on a 6.4-inch screen at a gaming-worthy refresh rate pf 120Hz.

4. Samsung Galaxy S21 (Almost) No Camera Bump

Another thing we appreciate is Samsung’s decision to drop the metallic shade of the camera island. Why make the bump so obvious in the first place?! Well, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will solve that issue and adopt the same color of the phone’s back.

By the way, the camera itself will probably be the most uninspiring aspect of the phone. The ultra and tele cameras will be back, led by a 12MP main camera, at the least. We are hoping Samsung ups it to 32MP one, especially if we won’t have any new camera features. 

5&6. Samsung Galaxy S21 Headphone Jack and MicroSD slot

That’s just the warm up! The following four features are the ones that will really make a difference in January.

The first two we’re thinking of are… the headphone jack and expandable storage. Indeed, you’ll have a slot for your microSD card… and a way to avoid all the earbuds craziness. 

7&8. Samsung Galaxy S21 Bigger Battery, Faster Charging

Ready for more good news?

What’s a touchy subject for phone users? Battery! A battery that lasts about a day will disappoint even my dad. And he’s not one to play games, shoot videos or upgrade apps like the rest of us. 

So, Galaxy S21 FE will do its best with a 4,500mAh battery cell. That should extend your phone’s life at least more than the S21 did. Also, the phone will charge faster since it wiull support 45W fast charging, unlike the S21 Ultra.

At $600, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be pretty badass. Sure, there won’t be a Snapdragon 888 Plus under the hood, just the Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100. And yes, Samsung won’t upgrade the memory to 12GB but do we need more than 8GB at the end of the day?

In some ways, the Galaxy S21 FE will be better than the Galaxy S21 and even the Galaxy S21 Ultra in some ways. Of course, since it will land in January, no one will blame you if you go for a Pixel 6 or wait for the Galaxy S22.    

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