Samsung Galaxy S22: That’s a BIG Camera Jump!

Next year, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra won’t be the surprising one. Instead, Samsung is gonna make the Galaxy S22 vanilla and Plus models the interesting ones in the bunch.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Camera, New Sensor and Zoom

How? By upgrading the camera in a major way, for example. Word is, Samsung will make a pretty big jump – from the 12MP cameras on the Galaxy S21 to 50MP main ones. These will come with an RGBW sensor; the W stands for white sub pixels that could play a huge role in conveying highlights in high contrast photos.

You’ll also have more optical zoom power than before. We’re talking 3x optical zoom from a 12MP telephoto camera. That is a big upgrade considering the Galaxy S21 offered a measly 1.1x optical zoom (they made it work by adding a 64MP camera that brought digital zoom along).

That will make these phones stand apart from Apple and Google’s devices for the end of the year. Again, what we’re talking right now applies to both the base version and the Plus version of the series.

So, we’ll see rear cameras led by a 50MP main, a 12MP tele and ending with a 12MP ultrawide. The Z Fold 3 may have debuted the under display camera but chances are, Samsung won’t bring it to their flagship series. However, there will be an under display fingerprint sensor, probably a bit faster than the one this generation put into play.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Best Ever Display, Screen Size

That’s about the backs of these phones. What about the front and the insides?  

The front brings quite a few changes, screen-wise. The Galaxy S22 might be the most compact flagship we’ve seen from Samsung in a while. It’s said to come in a 6-inches format, followed by an equally restrained 6.5-inches Plus.

Both phones will feature 120Hz refresh rates and ECO OLED panels. Those are the same ones Samsung introduced with the Z Fold 3 line. 

Normal OLED panels are made from 3 layers, where one of them is a polarizer to eliminate reflections, although it does block somewhat the light emitted by the device.

Samsung found a workaround. The company came up with a new structure, a 2-layered one, where the polarizer is out of the picture.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Just the Right Amount of Battery

Their ECO panel is not only thinner, allowing screens to be brighter by 33%, but it also reduces power consumption by 25%.

That’s not to say that Samsung will crunch the battery cell. The vanilla Galaxy S22 will come with a 3,800mAh cell and the Plus with a 4,600mAh one. The charging will also put a smile on your face – it’s said to be around 45-65W. Think about it like this – if Samsung goes with 65W, the battery could be fully charged in half an hour.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Specs

The S22 Ultra should launch with a 6.8-inches display and dynamic 120Hz refresh rate. The camera might stay the same or, if we believe the interesting leaks of late, it will jump to 200MP main! That would be the biggest camera I’ve seen on a phone so you’d have a titan on your hands!

Whatever happens, the rest is likely to stay the same. Three 12MP cameras are gonna join it: a telephoto with 3x optical zoom, a periscope and an ultrawide. 

The same fast charging speeds should come to this one too, with a 5,000mAh cell this time around. 

How powerful is this line going to be? Pretty powerful. All three phone models will run on the Exynos 2200 with AMD’s GPU on some markets. The rest will work with the Snapdragon 898 + Adreno GPU.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Release Date, Price

This won’t be a series of forgettable Samsung phones. They’ll have the power, display innovation and camera excitement to keep you counting the days until launch. And that’s gonna take you a while. Samsung will launch them in mid-January, the latest rumors say.

So have a bit of patience, let these fall launches go by and next year, you might get your hands on a very much improved Samsung flagship. At what price? If you ask me, starting at 900-950 dollars. Yes, it’s not gonna be cheap but just the new OLED panel is gonna raise the production costs.  

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