Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera: Not That Awful, Don’t Panic

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera island that’s been everywhere on the mighty Internet may have given you nightmares. But before you fully panic, let’s see what’s behind the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra rumors and leaks.

Ever since Samsung made their foldable phones along with their Galaxy S line compatible with S Pen, we understood one thing. The Note series was going to lose its differentiator. The one thing that made Galaxy Note stand apart, the stylus, was becoming common to Samsung’s flagship phones.    

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: S Pen Slot

Would Samsung even revive the Note series? We still don’t have an answer to that but the year is coming to a close. The Galaxy Note 21 didn’t show up in August and neither in September. With the chip shortage Samsung’s facing, the Note might come next year or not at all. 

To be honest, by giving the S series stylus support, the Note phablets became redundant. Because the Galaxy S21 phones don’t have a dedicated slot for it, some of you might still be on the lookout for a Note. 

Guess what, though – the Galaxy S22 Ultra is going to solve that tiny little problem. I have good reason to believe the S22 Ultra will house the S Pen and borrow Note’s shape while doing so. 

In other words, it won’t be easy to see a difference between the Galaxy S22 Ultra and a potential Note 22 Ultra. Samsung might decide to call it instead Note 22 Ultra.

That’s especially probable since Samsung had the genius idea of unifying its phones a while ago. They even wanted to rebrand the series but that may cost quite a bit of money and cause quite a lot of confusion, so unifying the design and capabilities it is.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Design and Camera Features

With an S Pen slot and maybe even a sensor that detects when the stylus is active and when it’s resting, enabling features depending on its activity, the S22 Ultra will act like a Note.

In fact, it will look like a Note, too. The phone is said to come within a cylindrical form factor. Considering phone makers’ obsession to shave off the extra from the camera island, two weird renders popped up.

One shows a P-shaped camera island, as the bottom right corner of the previous island has disappeared. So, we’re left with a weird camera housing which reminds me of the profile of an AirPods bud, stem and all. Or Dali’s melting clock… It’s odd and it’s what’s making everyone flip out.

Now, it’s true the renders came from a reliable source but not an exact one. The S21 Ultra renders from the same source show a slightly different camera island than the one Samsung actually chose. It’s not an exact science! 

Especially since another leakster talked about a potential design that separates the camera in two modules and closely resembles the Note 10 Plus. Only that phone had the cameras a bit more flush.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Display, Battery and Charging

Either way, the rear camera hardware is believed to barely change from the S21. The 108MP main camera will return with two 10MP tele cameras in tow, one with 3x optical zoom, the either being a periscope. It’s going to be a quad so a 12MP ultrawide will finish up the set.

On the front, a 6.8-inch screen will await, as well as a central punch hole camera but no headphone jack. The 45W charging will return next year after being overlooked for the S21 series, as well as the 5,000mAh battery cell.

Basically, we’re gonna have an upgraded Galaxy S21 Ultra with an outlandish camera and every little thing that made Note special.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be a hybrid but one Samsung hopes will bring all the boys to the yard with other phones being out of commission such as the Galaxy S21 FE.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Postponed Indefinitely?

It’s not 100% confirmed, but chances are we won’t see a fan edition this year. 

Why? Again – chip shortage. When you have two main flagship series – the foldables and Galaxy S series – and you want to launch a cheaper phone but with awesome performance… you’re gonna go with Snapdragon 888 chip. Or Exynos 2200. Either way, use the best processor there is.

With manufacturing troubles of late however, things will be ten times harder. So a company will have to either postpone, cancel a product or downgrade (and downgrading is the last thing Samsung wants to do right now as it would cause an uproar.) 

With Galaxy S21 FE in the air, all eyeballs are now on the late January S22 launch. Some of them gave some attention to the Microsoft Surface Duo, too. Was it on your radar? If so, can this form factor challenge a foldable? Or has Microsoft missed the train?

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