Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: 6 Things We Need + 1 Thing We’ll Definitely Get

While everyone’s testing and debating Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, why not see what Galaxy Z Fold 4 will bring? Here are six things we need Galaxy Z Fold 4 to bring and one thing we will definitely get.

When Samsung hit us with their first generation of foldables… I mean, I don’t know what you did, but I laughed hysterically. Because, let’s face it, upgrading to a whole new beast and risking about double the money is a tough sell. 

Eventually, the company realized that as well and, this year, Samsung managed to slash the prices a bit. We got on our hands a $999 Galaxy Z Flip 3 and a still-pricey $1,799 Galaxy Z Fold 3. 

Samsung saw more sales in return with both phones being cheaper so… goal achieved!

Question is – are they gonna keep at it? I say they will. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: Price

In fact, the next Galaxy Z Fold remains a mystery… with one exception: price. We will definitely get a cheaper Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 by at least 200 dollars. Now, Samsung’s mission is to make foldables as accessible as Ultras, if not more. 

How can Samsung do it? And why haven’t they done it yet? Truth is, manufacturing isn’t easy. Brands start with the best materials and therefore, most expensive, setting a standard among consumers. Then, they watch suppliers scrambling to offer the same quality at a competitive price. Onyl then can brands be picky. 

For example, battery suppliers for Galaxy Z Fold 3 worked at lower prices than the year before. Hinge suppliers are also chipping away at prices while making sure those parts stay as is or get upgraded. 

It’s a lot of back and forth. What is sure is that Samsung is going to keep on hunting cheaper suppliers so that the end price is smaller, too. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: Under Display Camera, Dynamic Refresh Rate

Besides that, I bet we’re gonna have a better under display camera on our hands. From what I know, Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have one that’s less visible and definitely more capable.

This year, they went with a 10MP and 4 MP combo which was… not great. Next year, Samsung should at least upgrade it to a 10MP and 10MP one.

What is the rest of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 gonna look like? Let’s talk display and chip before we go into battery and S Pen.

The design shouldn’t change so I think the display could increase slightly and bring with a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate.  

Obviously, the processor will be the Snapdragon 898 and/or Exynos 2200. Samsung might want to sell cheaper devices, but they’re still going to be flagships.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: Camera, Storage

Expect the next foldable phone to be water resistant and carry 12GB of RAM and 512 of storage, at most. 

Samsung might or at least, should throw in a microSD storage. I know, many of us got used to saving over the cloud. But a microSD offers more security and is less hassle. 

Cameras is where Samsung could really shine. Besides a better under display camera, how about a tele with 10x optical zoom? Or better yet, why not come up with a module like the S21 Ultra?!

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: Battery, S-Pen

It would also make sense to go with a bigger battery. Samsung could swap the 4,400mAh cell with a 5,000mAh one.

As for the S Pen – this is one of the best features of the phone and it still doesn’t have its own slot! Samsung should give users a tiny space to hook it up and make it work with the cover display.

Even if the stylus is meant for the bigger screen, let’s not forget how it used to work with the Galaxy Note. 

By the way, did you hear the latest on the Galaxy Note? The phablet is not as buried as we thought. In fact, its ghost has been seen by Samsung employees. Could it show up next year? After all, Samsung never said it was dead.

That is something we will know for sure next summer. Galaxy Note 22, if it comes, as well as the foldables, should be unveiled in August or September 2022. 

Bottom line: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 should be a much better deal than this year’s model. Although, you don’t have to shop from Samsung. TCL could’ve given the company a run for its money this year if they decided to launch their flip phone. Sure, it was going to be a mid-ranger but a great mid ranger. 

More about TCL Project Chicago here!

Honestly, when it comes to foldables, is Samsung the only option you would consider?

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