Samsung is Allegedly Working on Two More Foldable Smartphones

Samsung is Allegedly Working on Two More Foldable Smartphones


The foldable phones have barely made a dent in the market but most smartphone manufacturers are dead set on making them a mainstream choice and it looks like Samsung is one of those companies who truly believes that the future is foldable.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the manufacturer is rumored to be developing a ‘clamshell-like device’ and another one that folds away from the user, in the same style of the Huawei Mate X.

While the demand for foldable phones is not very high, that’s probably because the technology we have available at the moment cannot keep up with the public’s ideas of what a foldable device should be, but that has always been the case with most of first-generation technology.

No one knows what the ideal design is yet,” Bryan Ma, Vice President of devices Research at IDC said “The time is ripe for experimentation. Many of these designs won’t be successful, but industry players will learn valuable lessons along the way.

Samsung has not released any statements regarding its plans about future foldable phones.

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