Samsung Is Planning To Build A Transparent Smartphone

Samsung Is Planning To Build A Transparent Smartphone

Image: LetsGoDigital

Samsung is on a streak in 2020 smartphone-wise. The company unveiled the Galaxy S20 earlier in the year, then last month it announced the Note 20 Series, the Galaxy Z Fold Flip 5G, and Z Fold 2.

It seems now Samsung has time to invest in developing rather revolutionary devices. A patent filed by the company in January 2020, has surfaced last month and describes how the South Korean giant is planning to build a transparent smartphone.

Samsung wants to use each pixel on the phone’s display to allow light to pass through it, making the screen transparent. LetsGoDigital collaborated with artist Snoreyn to produce a 3D render of the device based on the technology detailed in the papers Samsung filed.

Image: LetsGoDigital

Samsung is not the first to try out this technology in smartphones. LG launched the GD900 in 2009 with a transparent keypad and Sony Ericsson released the Xperia Pureness which had a transparent display but wasn’t very good.

A transparent phone may look cool because you can see your hand through it, but that’s about it. There is no real benefit from such a technology, so the chances of seeing this on the mainstream market are pretty slim..

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