Samsung Offers iPhone Users a Taste of the Galaxy Experience

Samsung Offers iPhone Users a Taste of the Galaxy Experience

Ready for a bit of great marketing? In a time where blatant advertising has almost become shameful considering the tragic lives and jobs lost due to COVID-19, Samsung has managed to hit the bulls-eye. Their latest marketing campaign, which originated in New Zealand, actually puts a smile on your face.

It’s exclusively targeted to iPhone users, by the way, so if you’re an Android user it won’t make an impression on you. However, if you’re on iPhone or your partner is, it’s worth checking out.

The entire idea of the campaign is to show how a Galaxy mobile experience would be like right on your iPhone. To test it, all you have to do is visit this website – either directly from iPhone or from a laptop. The latter option will give you a QR code to scan and enable it that way.

Once you enable it, you’ll see your iPhone turning into a Samsung Galaxy phone. Of course, not every single feature of the Galaxy phones is being taken into consideration but a lot of them are presented or cheekily described.

Influencer Logan Dodds, for example, welcomes you when you open the camera and proceeds to explain Samsung’s camera features. Fake phone calls and text messages are next, all creatively scripted to showcase other key features of Samsung phones.

All those marketing messages are balanced out by funny interventions, like gibberish texts from a “Friends with kids” contact you suddenly have in the text message app.

Is it enough to sway iPhone users to Android? Even better, to Samsung? You tell us, if you decide to try Samsung’s game.

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Samsung Offers iPhone Users a Taste of the Galaxy Experience
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