Samsung Takes Yet Another Jab At Apple In New Ads


The ongoing ‘feud’ between Samsung and Apple is well-known in the smartphone world: the two companies have been competing for the affections of the public for years now, mostly in civil terms but always with a tinge of sarcasm.



This time it’s Samsung’s turn to take the stage via a new advertisement that pokes fun at Apple’s iPhone 12 camera, leading with the snarky tagline: “Your phone upgrade shouldn’t be a downgrade.”
It mostly focuses on the camera capabilities of the two devices, highlighting, of course, Samsung’s smartphone.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5 G launched earlier this year and it’s Samsung’s most high-end smartphone to date. It features a 108MP wide camera, a 12MP Ultra wide, a 10M Telephoto (3x), a 10M telephoto (10x) and a 40MP selfie shooter on the front. Needless to say, the device packs a punch.



Both ads last for merely 15 seconds but pack a punch, comparing the cameras on the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max.
The first image used for comparison in the ad is that of a cheese sandwich where, of course, the Galaxy S21 Ultra shines in comparison to its so-called rival, by showing crisper quality and “pin-sharp details.”

For the second comparison, Samsung chose the Moon, in order to show off the telephoto capabilities of the devices. The picture sets the 100x Space Zoom present on the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G against the 12x digital zoom on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.
The Samsung’s image simply states “Zoom in 100x” while the iPhone’s on the other hand, asks the question “Close enough?” on top of a rather unclear and blurry image of the Moon.

It needs to be mentioned that, while both smartphones have their own pros and cons, even the high-end versions of the iPhone still do not offer a dedicated zoom lens up to this day. But that’s probably about to change soon, all things considered.

You can watch the video above to judge for yourself. All we’re curious to see next  is how Apple will choose to reply to this ad – both companies have proved to be quite creative so far.

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Samsung Takes Yet Another Jab At Apple In New Ads

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