Samsung Z Fold 3: A Foldable Like No Other

Samsung Z Fold 3: A Foldable Like No Other

Will you flip or will you fold? That’s the question most of you are gonna have to answer this summer. And no, I’m not talking pancakes here but the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, Samsung’s bet on foldables. What I can tell you is that Z Fold 3 might actually be worth that unfairly high price.

After watching the Note trainwreck as well as Foldgate, Samsung’s chances of redeeming itself were pretty shaky. Especially with competition like Xiaomi Mi Mix, Huawei Mate X, or Motorola Razr series.

However, this year’s Fold edition might just come on top, as a foldable like no other. Why? Because the main issues you had with these phones are going to work themselves out. 

For example, S Pen support. There’s no reason Samsung won’t let you scribble down with S Pen this time around since the Galaxy Note is out of the picture. And, think about it: who in their right mind would pass up the opportunity to use the unfolded, twice-the-display-room phone as a note-taking tablet?

Besides this, Samsung is gonna throw in water and dust resistance. It was about time Samsung brought to the Z Fold 3 the flagship features a premium phone needs to sell well.

And when it starts selling,. what will be the asking price? I bet Z Fold 3 will either keep last year’s price, so just about $2000, or add $100 to it, at most. It does remain an outrageous price for a phone but perhaps it’s a bit more justified as you get two phones in one with next-gen tech.

I’m not referring here to the S Pen or the water resistance, by the way. Instead I’m thinking of the under-display camera embedded in Samsung’s foldable phone for 2021. The 16MP Sony sensor will lay underneath the 7.5″ internal display and be joined by several more cameras, front and back.

A selfie camera in the form of a traditional punch hole shooter will be visible right on the outer display, at the top. Then, three cameras stacked in a vertical module with a flash underneath will take space on the rear of the phone. The camera island has gone through a makeover from last year and will be much slimmer on the Z Fold 3, until the three 12MP sensors – wide, ultrawide, and a telephoto – will barely have room to breathe.

Camera galore? You betcha!

What’s bound to shock everyone is – listen closely – the (maybe) lack of physical buttons.

Find how the invisible buttons will look instead by watching the video above!

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