Samsung’s Latest Ad Suggests Switching From Huawei Pro 30 Pro To Galaxy Note20 Ultra

In April this year, Counterpoint statistics published a report showing Huawei surpassed Samsung in the smartphone market, shipping more devices than anyone. Now, the same company reports Huawei is still at the top in May, with Samsung breathing down their neck.
In 2020, smartphone sales have seen an unprecedented decline, caused by the global pandemic. Consumers have started thinking twice when investing in a new smartphone, and many chose to purchase cheaper models rather than premium devices.

But even though the company tried hard to make it through, Huawei had struggled in Europe ever since it lost Google support in May 2019 and many customers were forced to look for a new smartphone. Of course, that opened the door for competition.

Just recently, Samsung UK triumphed its support for Google services, hinting on Huawei and suggesting customers to switch, as the latest ad from the company shows. Moreover, the company offers a £350 discount to UK customers who trade in the Huawei P30 Pro and switch to Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

However, Huawei fans are not happy about it, as their tweets are showing.
Meanwhile, interest for Huawei smartphones is surely dropping in Europe.

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