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See Through A Guy’s Head in This “4D” Video Filmed With 53 GoPros

Thought GoPro couldn’t surprise you anymore? Not a chance! TimeSlice company succeded in creating a 3D, 360-degree of a guy’s head.

The VR company focuses on creating so-called 4D films, 3D clips that are captured by multiple cameras at a time. TimeSlice’s founder experienced their process on his own skin, when he made a rig out of 53 GoPro cameras and grabbed their attention. Each camera recorded so that the TimeSlice software can transform the footage in a 3D film.

The difference between most 360-degree vids and this clip is the fact that, in the first case, while the cameras have an all-around view of the subject, they can’t give a third dimension to it, so the images are still flat.

Here, more than four dozen cameras captured Tim’s every pore, with a unique view through the back of his head. Push play, click and drag to peak inside his head!


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