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Shank Combined Joy-Con Internals With GameCube Hardware For The Perfect Switch

Image: NintendoSoup

Hardware mod YouTuber Shank integrated Joy-Con internals with initial GameCube hardware and came up with the ideal Switch product.

With lots of time invested in the project, Shank managed to fulfill a dream for many gamers.

The video explains in depth the procedure, but to sum up, Shank Took original GameCube WaveBird controller shells, split them down the middle, while the rail attachments from original Joy-Cons were added with the help of 3D printed components. Shank also worked on the triggers and thumbsticks and made a few holes to house the plus, minus, home, and screenshot buttons.

 GameCube controller expert BassLine  and YouTuber Madmorda also helped to put the project together, with support for design. But the wiring to match the Joy-Con circuit board to the GameCube buttons and sticks was the most challenging part.

However, Shank pointed out that the mod might be too complex for most hardware modders. Hopefully, Nintendo will come up with an official version for the device.

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