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Shift Drone Can Be Controlled With One Hand

Among consumer-ready drones with smartphone or joystick control, a peculiar UAV turned up on Kickstarter. Shift drone can be controlled with a palm-sized remote and a ring #automagic


Shift controller is a piece of hardware that doesn’t require more than one hand. By holding it and moving only your thumb in the appropriate ring above it, you can fly the drone in any direction. Move your thumb right, it moves right; move it forward, the drone catches speed straight ahead.

As for the aerial vehicle itself, it’s ready to record video in 4K HD and send it to your mobile app so you can view it in real time. Shift drone can also take 13MP shots if aerial photography is more your thing. The controller can be charged via USB port.

If you want the whole package – controller, extension and drone – you’ll have to support the Kickstarter campaign with $790. Granted, it’s a completely new way of manipulating your drone, one dubbed as “very simple and intuitive”. There’s no arguing with that… unless you get a cramp.


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Shift Drone Can Be Controlled With One Hand
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