Skoda's Parent Taxi App Allows Parents to Charge Kids for Car Rides

Skoda’s Parent Taxi App Allows Parents to Charge Kids for Car Rides

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Volkswagen Group’s Skoda recently identified, through research, that British parents spend an average of 1,648 miles per year shuttling their children to and from different activities. Therefore, based on this need, Skoda came up with an app that can turn these rides into housework.

The Skoda Parent Taxi app’s goal is to make children change these rides for housework. The app is available for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices and uses GPS technology to register the number of miles parents have racked up. Just like the meter in a taxi, the app is tracking the car via GPS while turning miles driven into various tasks and activities that children can complete. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, doing the dishes or cleaning a bedroom, children receive the “receipt” as a reminder.

While the app can’t enforce these chores, it’s ultimately up to the parent to ensure the jobs get done.

The app only works for children who don’t have the appropriate age to drive, of course.
Skoda also cited information from The Inspired Trehouse, run by practicing pediatric occupational and physical therapists, concluding that children of all ages benefit from performing chores by improving their motor development.

According to the survey, 89% of parents regularly ask for their children’s help around the home. Tidying their bedroom (62 per cent), doing the dishes (30 per cent) or taking out the trash (29 per cent) are few of the most popular tasks.

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