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Smart Earplugs Eliminate Noise But Preserve Nearby Sounds

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Earplugs – blissful little things we’re addicted to on planes or every time we have to sleep in hotels thanks to work. The only problem is you have to buy them frequently and they block all type of noise – disturbing or not. So a Swedish company came with a “smart” alternative – dBud #objectmagic

dBud is a pair of adjustable earplugs for every kind of environment you’re in. Its trick? A mechanical built-in slider the user can use to reduce, but not completely eliminate noise.

Let’s say you’re at work – you’ll probably want to hear what your co-worker has to say but in the same time, would hate to get distracted by every phone ringing or colleagues’ debate. Instead of shutting down every sound and hoping you’ll be signaled if someone needs your help, just use the slider to reduce the noise by 15dB. Conversely, take it to -30dB to get in your Zen mood.

A built-in “acoustic filter” that looks like a mesh makes this option possible. dBud doesn’t contain electronics, so you won’t have to charge it like other types of accessories. That said, it is reusable, comes in 3 sizes and is easily worn thanks to magnets. These keep both earplugs safely together. 

If you want a reasonably priced earplug that’s durable and adjustable, dBud is what you probably need. EarLabs, the company behind the idea, is currently crowdfunding their product on Kickstarter. Check the project and see if it’s worth $54, the early bird price for one pair.

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