Snapchat Also Goes After TikTok With New Music Feature

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With TikTok under attack from both president Trump, who plans to crack down on it, and Instagram, who will launch a similar app soon, Snapchat also tries to get a bite out of the social giant.

Snapchat will soon let you add music to the videos you make through their app, including popular songs, which essentially lets you create dance videos exactly like on TikTok.

However, Snapchat didn’t completely commit to launching an alternative to TikTok – the music feature is limited to just that, without also having a feed of similar videos using the same song.

The good part is that there will be plenty of music available, as Snap licensed the huge Warner Music, Universal, Merlin and others’ catalogues.

Meanwhile, President Trump is threatening to ban TikTok in the US, as the Beijing-based app is considered a threat to US national security thanks to it’s Chinese government ties and lax security standards.

While multiple security experts have pointed at TikTok as a risky app, this would be the first time the US bans software like this.

It is unclear even how it would be achieved, outside of creating a firewall similar to China’s Great Firewall – see the implications here.

However, the threats have cleared the way for other apps, Snapchat included, to try to recover some users from TikTok.

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