Snapchat Rolls Another Redesign

new snapchat redesign old snapchat

Snapchat has finally listened to their users and started reverting the app to its old functionality.

When Snapchat got a redesign late last year, Chrissy Teigen and Rihanna said that they hated the new app and they weren’t the only ones. Around 700,000 other users signed a petition demanding their beloved old Snapchat back.

It took a few months for Snap to react, but the company is now rolling out the redesign created to undo the “harm” done.

new snapchat redesign old snapchat 2

iOS users should already see the update: the Snapchat Stories from friends are once again on the same page as celebrity-posted ones. Even better, snaps and chats are organized again in chronological order.

While the Snapchat petition didn’t have an impact on Snap’s decision, the company was swayed by a YouGov research. Its findings? Millenials hate the new Snapchat, as evidenced in an alarming graph.

“The 73% decrease has essentially wiped out all the positive consumer sentiment Snapchat has gradually built since the beginning of 2016,” pointed out YouGov.

With the rolling back of features no Snapchat user wanted and the launch of a new version of Spectacles, perhaps Snap can make that red line go up again. That is, if the company also starts deploying the update to Android users…

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