Sony Has Enabled Hybrid Autofocus For The First Time on A Smartphone Camera Sensor

Sony is blurring the line between DSLR and smartphone cameras one day at a time. Recently, the company announced that the Exmor camera sensor has hybrid autofocus, a feature previously available only for professional cameras.

The 1/2.6-inch, 22.5-megapixel sensor is the first of its kind to sport this exciting feature. The sensor’s size is similar to what you may find in Galaxy phones, while the resolution should improve greatly image quality. The highlight of the technology has nothing to do with those, though, but with the AF performance. The Exmor uses a hybrid system of phase detection pixels and contrast AF that DSLR, not smartphones, are equipped with, in the same time marking a premiere for the brand.

Expect to film in 4k at up to 30 fps and note that the sensor has integrated 3-axis Electronic Image Stabilization. That means this Sony sensor can correct for pitch, roll and yaw by taking data from an external gyro sensor and processing it with its own internal signal processor.



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