Sony’s Upcoming Camera Might Rival Apple’s Face ID


Sony has decided to increase its production of 3D face recognition sensors, according to its Sensor Division Chief Satoshi Yoshihara.

He stated that there has been an ever-increasing demand from smartphone manufacturers for chips that power up the front and back 3D cameras. Sony plans to deliver on that demand with an even better form of facial recognition than what’s currently available on the market.

At the moment, the most advanced facial recognition technology we can find on smartphones is Apple’s Face ID, which employ the use of dots that are projected onto someone’s face and can assess if the person accessing the device is the user or a stranger.

Sony’s 3D sensor on the other hand, will allegedly use laser pulses that will create a depth map by measuring how long it takes a pulse to bounce back. This system would, technically, be capable of creating more accurate and detailed models of the user’s features.

Yoshihara stated that Sony will have the technology available sometime in the ‘late summer’ of this year.

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