Soon, In Your Arms! Oculus Rift Started Shipping


Finally, the first of several virtual reality headsets that do not need a mobile to work has started shipping. Oculus Rift will arrive in the arms of excited #realitymagic fans at the beginning of next week. That is, if they acted swiftly by pre-ordering the device.

Those of you who are still playing with the idea can start ordering the device now but will have to wait until summer, more exactly July, to receive it. Nevertheless, when can you experience virtual reality better than during vacation, with no tasks to attend and office to go to?!

You can buy the headset, an Xbox One controller and two games for $599.99 or a PC package for more than twice the price, $1500. Nobody said it would be cheap…

At the beginning of April, just a couple of days after the Oculus Rift appearance, HTC Vive will arrive keeping things interesting and the competitive spirit, alive.

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