Soon, You’ll Be Able To Log In With The Sound Of Your Skull


We’ve been using biometrics for some time now, either on our phones, or in airports, protecting our data with our very flesh. Unfortunately, as this technology advances, so do the methods to hack it, forcing scientists to find new ways of authenticating ourselves on various platforms. The latest is based on your skull’s properties, claiming it can differentiate between your head’s particular vibration and others’ #biomagic

German scientists have developed SkullConduct, a system that can identify the way your skull reacts in contact with ultrasonic signals, making it a unique biometric such as iris texture. Although tested only on 10 men so far, the system had 97% success rate, making scientists believe it could soon accompany your phone. In order to do that though, you’ll have to bring along some sort of headset; they worked with a Google Glass type of device in the preliminary stages.

If recorded with a microphone, the changes in the audio signal reflect the specific characteristics of the user’s head

What makes every skull signature different? Well, every user has a different composition when it comes to skull parts, actively making modifications in sound waves that can be perceived as signatures. The next steps imply eliminating background noise from analysis and figuring out another type of sound to test the system with (different from white noise), one that would work on portable devices, such as smartphones.

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