SpaceX Lands All Three Falcon Heavy Rocket Boosters Successfully

SpaceX Lands All Three Falcon Heavy Rocket Boosters Successfully

Associated Press

SpaceX has launched the improved Falcon Heavy rocket on Thursday, from the NASA Kennedy Space Center and successfully landed its boosters back on one of the company’s drone ships, out in the Atlantic Ocean.

This marks the first time SpaceX managed to land all three rocket cores from one Falcon Heavy – some of you might remember that in February 2018, only two of the three cores made it back safely. The third one missed target due to a fuel shortage so the booster dropped in the ocean instead.

However, the boosters used for this flight are the upgraded versions and eight minutes after liftoff, the first two landed safely at Cape Canaveral while the third booster, also known as the core booster, landed only two minutes later, out on an ocean platform.

SpaceX might end up re-using these very same boosters for an U.S Air Force Falcon Heavy mission, set to take place later this year.

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