SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Crew First Update is Here

SpaceX Inspiration4 Crew First Update is Here


The Inspiration4 crew has been orbiting the planet 15 times a day since Wednesday night, when the four members launched to space via SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket from Florida. 

Two days after lift off, the crew came up with their first update on what they’ve been up to through a livestream on YouTube.

“We’re really proud to share this experience with everyone, we know how fortunate we are to be up here,” Isaacman stated on camera. “We’re giving all of our time to science research and some ukulele-playing, and trying to raise some good awareness for an important cause back on Earth.”

“You can turn your volume down if you wish, but I’ll give it a shot.” He did a little riff while Arceneaux was holding the mic, and it wasn’t half bad. “It’s still before coffee, so it’ll get better before the day goes on,” Christopher Sembroski joked about playing the ukulele live for the 55,000 viewers of the YouTube video stream.

Proctor, Arceneaux, Sembroski and Isaacman are the first completely private crew to blast into space without qualified astronauts.

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SpaceX Inspiration4 Crew First Update is Here
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