Spectator-less Baseball Game In Japan To Have Dancing Robots As A Opening Act

SoftBank Robotics


First of all, the opening act will not be performed by Gundams, much to our dismay. But the two dancing robots, Spot and Pepper, will dance to the tune of the Hawks theme song, Iza Yuke Wakataka Gundan, at the Fukuoka PayPay Dome. 

The artistic dance representation of the two robots will take place from July 7th through the 31st, and it is not the only task for the two automatons. SoftBank is hoping to liven up the games a bit more with the aid of Spot and Pepper, as spectators are not allowed into the dome during the pandemic. Spot and Pepper are there to cheer the team, create some excitement, and entertain the audience at home. Pepper, for example, will support the Hawks by striking a pose when a player hits a home run. 

The humanoid robot, Pepper, is developed by SoftBank, and it’s not the first time we see it in the wild. Pepper staffed a whole phone store in the past, served at PizzaHut, and now is cheerleading and dancing. Meanwhile, Spot represents Boston Dynamics’ first offering in the robot market, with a price of only $75,000 US. Quite a difference, compared with Pepper, which only commands a $1,600 US price, and additional service fees totaling up to $200 per month. The company’s quadruped robot Spot and SoftBank Robotics humanoid robot Pepper will collaborate to make the game more exciting. This is the first time that Spot has danced at a sports event, and, as we said, marks the first cheerleading job for Pepper. 

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