Spotify Is Testing Voice-Activated Driving Mode

During a stressful drive at peak hour, there’s nothing that can relax us more than our favorite tunes. But opening an app to listen to them, sorting through our playlist to find the ones we need, can be nerve-wrecking when we’re behind the wall. That’s why more and more music services are finding ways to adapt their apps to driving necessities. One of those is Spotify which is currently testing a new driving mode interface #automagic

Spotify is testing a new driving mode feature on a select number of users. The news made headlines after one Reddit user  spread the rumor: “It looks like Spotify is testing a new “driving mode” for the Android app. Still a bit buggy, but it’s pretty neat.” Although the company hasn’t confirmed the existence of such a feature, these screen captures talk for themselves:

spotify driving mode

It looks like the Spotify interface has been enlarged, so the buttons can be easier accessed when you’re in the car and can’t give much attention to your smartphone. The app is also capable of announcing songs and taking vocal commands. The presence of a microphone icon suggests you can ask Spotify to play a specific tune, while keeping your eyes on the road. “You can scroll vertically to switch between Recents, Featured etc. and horizontally to switch playlists/albums. The back/forward buttons change the current song, no way to know what song is on (except for the notification) though”, says the Reddit user.

To see if you’re part of the chosen few who have access to this new feature, look in the bottom left corner of the Android app. There should be a car icon, a tell-tale for the driving function. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until Spotify fixes all the bugs and decides to deploy it on a larger scale.

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