StorySign App From Huawei Helps Deaf Children Learn How To Read

StorySign App From Huawei Helps Deaf Children Learn How To Read


There are roughly around 32 million deaf children in the world and probably one of the most challenging things they have to deal with is learning how to interpret the words on a page without benefitting from the sound-based system children who can hear are using.

To fix that problem, or at least add some support to the teaching system for deaf children, Huwei came up with a free app called StorySign.

The app uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to display sign language alongside the text a child is reading.

The app works quite easy: all the child (or the parent) has to do is open it and hold it over a page where an adorable character with blue hair called Star will recognize the words and sign them to the child while, at the same time the words are highlighted within the app as she does so.

Huawei / YouTube

At the moment, the app only works for Android and is only compatible with one book: Where’s Spot?.

Though Huawei didn’t release any statements if the app will be available on iPhones as well, the company is working alongside publishing house Penguin in order to deliver even more books to the app and increase its library.

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