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Switch This Feature On iPhone X And You’ll Save 58% Battery Life

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With the new OLED display aboard, iPhone X is easily Apple’s most vulnerable phone to date. For more reasons than you might think, one being… battery life. If you ordered one already, then you must have noticed that this device tends to consume much more power than your previous phone. Instead of wallowing and regretting your purchase, you can learn some tricks to avoid charging every couple of hours #mobilemagic

So, you know how there’s an Accessibility menu in iOS Safari settings? Maybe you haven’t used it so far, but it’s about time. Go there and switch Smart invert colors on. This will make the white background of the screen while browsing black and the text white. How does that help with battery life? Well, in OLED displays black pixels don’t count, they’re basically “turned off” and thus, consume less power. In LED screens, the backlight illuminates all pixels though, so you don’t gain anything from inverting the colors.

How much battery life can you save? Well, Apple Insider did a test and found out that you can salvage 58%! That’s impressive, mind you. With this option enabled, brightness at a maximum and the browser opened in Reddit, the battery dropped from 100% to 85%, not more:

Without the feature on, but with backlight at a maximum still, iPhone X lost 72% power, leaving the battery at 28%.

Oh, and another tip for you. A true black wallpaper (like the one Apple has built into iOS 11 for iPhone X) can yield good results, too. The icons will stay the same, but the difference between having a black background and a vibrant, default one from Apple, can end up in a 16% save.

If you’re not bothered by the all black vibe your phone will give, then why not combine the two and see how much battery can be saved?!

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