T-Mobile Offers Half Off The iPhone 11


The new iPhones are here: they will go on pre-order on Friday and along with them will come a slew of offers to try and convince you to purchase one. Including but not limited to the ‘buy one get one’ deals, which often accompany freshly unveiled smartphones.

Most of these offers normally ask you to switch providers for example and, though that might come as good news if you were thinking of doing so anyway, it doesn’t sound so great for existing customers who are only interested in changing their old phone for a new one. 

T-Mobile has kept those customers in mind however and, with the coming of the new iPhones, is doing something to appease everyone: the company offers huge savings to the current customers who choose to trade in their old iPhone and get a new one in return, via a 24-month installment plan. The users don’t even have to be on the T-Mobile Magenta plans to take advantage of the deal. 

For example, if their trade in the iPhone 7 you can get half off the iPhone 11, which retails for $699 or trade in the iPhone XS Max and get half off the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which costs $1,099. Overall, this system is actually even better than Apple’s offers which only shave off $150 when the users trade in their device for an iPhone 11. 

The new iPhones support the company’s 600MHz (band 71) spectrum, capable of reaching twice as far as the previous network. 

Of course, those who decide to cancel the service before fully paying the iPhone have to contact the company who will help them make “discounted monthly balance payments instead”. 

T-Mobile’s offer only applies to the users who want to buy an iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XR, XS or XS Max and trade in an old iPhone that is still in good condition. 

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