Taiwan Formally Accuses China Of Economic Warfare

Taiwan Formally Accuses China Of Economic Warfare

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The Taiwanese government formally accused China of engaging in economic warfare against the island’s tech sector after the Chinese stalled technology growth and enticing away engineers. To help prevent this, the Taiwanese parliament considered introducing new legislation to prevent this kind of behavior from their neighbor.

As the home of the world-leading semiconductor industry, technology that can be found in almost all sectors of human use, from fighter jets to cars, the Taiwan government has continued to fret regarding China’s struggles to copy that achievement, including industrial espionage and other practices.

Taiwan says China waging economic warfare against the tech sector

Four Taiwanese legislators from the Democratic Progressive Party are spearheading a project to correct the commercial secrets law, and also to extend the reach of what is deemed a secret. On top of this, the bill also wants to toughen punishments towards any who might break the law in this regard.

In a report to parliament about the proposed amendments, Taiwan’s National Security Bureau blamed China in a direct report to the parliament, that proposed amendments for most cases concerning industrial espionage by foreign powers.

“As long as it’s helpful for our country’s security and interests, we support it…”

“The Chinese Communists’ orchestrated theft of technology from other countries poses a major threat to democracies… The aim of the Chinese Communists’ infiltration into our technology is not only about economic interests, but also has a political intention to make Taiwan poorer and weaker.”

Taiwan’s Economy Ministry stipulated in a report that China is seeking to expand its semiconductor business by “poaching” Taiwanese talent “as well as obtaining our country’s industry’s commercial secrets, to harm the country’s competitiveness. The infiltration of China’s red supply chain is everywhere”.

It is not specified when or if the amendments and supplements could be legislated, the reason being that this report suggested that further discussion was needed along with the topics of wording and basic law application.

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Taiwan Formally Accuses China Of Economic Warfare
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