TASER And Noonlight Launch TASER Pulse+, First Self-Defense Device That Alerts Authorities


TASER Self-Defense, Axon‘s consumer division, officially announced their partnership with Connected Safety Company Noonlight today.

Most of you have heard about TASER and will most likely associate the company’s products with law enforcement and the military – they have been supplying law enforcement with products like body-worn cameras and software solutions since 1993 after all, but, as TASER Self-Defense Public Relations Manager Anthony Carli told usthe company has “never lost sight of producing products to help empower consumers to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

On the other hand, though you might recognize TASER, Noonlight could still be unknown to you, and, honestly, it’s time that you find out about it: the company builds personal safety solutions for civilian use, allowing users to receive real-life responses in the event of a threat or emergency without having to dial 911, talk or even text.

The two companies joined forces and developed a product dubbed the TASER Pulse+.

We spoke with Noonlight co-founder Nick Droege, who answered some of our questions and told us a bit more about the device, which works like your usual Taser Pulse device and immobilizes attackers for 30 seconds. The difference between the two is that the Pulse+ will be the first TASER device that is connected, and will go beyond just delivering a physical defense.

Backed by real, caring dispatchers, Noonlight will send help (police, fire or emergency medical services) when you manually trigger an alarm using the Noonlight app,” Droege told us “or when one of your connected devices detects an emergency (car accident, heavy smoke or CO, break-in, and more).”

In addition to that, the app will also share your profile information with first responders, in order to get you the help you need right away.

You don’t have to worry if you make a mistake either: if the Pulse+ is used accidentally, you can always cancel the alarm by using a 4-digit PIN number or just respond with it when texted or called by a Noonlight dispatcher.

For the time being, the company is focusing on the U.S. market, the product being available in all 50 U.S states, but Droege says that “the technology is easy to implement and can be replicated for global availability in the future.

Noonlight is showing a lot of promise and their partnership with TASER is proof of what they can do and hope to achieve: as Noonlight says, company is all about “humans helping humans”.

We asked Mr. Droege whether he thinks Noonlight would ever implement A.I into the company’s software: “A.I has shown a tremendous amount of promise in recent years and its potential in public safety / emergency response is limitless.” He said “We think it could play a major role in enabling our ability to deliver automatic safety to customers.”

As you can see, Noonlight, future A.I implementations or not, believes that its product can deliver a personal touch that will place it in a unique category, unlike any other available on the current market.

On the other hand, Axon has been leading the charge for public safety technology for many years now, always being one step ahead by using innovating tech in order to make the world a safer place.

And, in this world, a world that keeps getting more dangerous no matter the precautions we take, we’re welcoming the Pulse+ with open arms as well as all the dedicated companies that work together to keep us safe.

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