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Essence Will Launch New Personal Emergency Response System At CES 2019



IoT-enabled connected-living technologies company Essence has announced they will be releasing the Essence Umbrella at the CES 2019, a two-way voice-communication personal emergency response system (PERS) which will help institutions like schools and universities to keep both their students and staff safe.

So, what is it, exactly?

The Essence Umbrella is, on all accounts, a wearable pendant that integrated with a companion app with an intuitive management interface. It’s designed to be handed by organizations to individuals that might be at risk, from students to remote installation or technician teams.

“The new Umbrella system is ideal for governmental and private organizations who have workers in remote locations or work after hours to ensure their wellbeing. In fact, 22% of U.S. workers work alone. If a worker is injured, he now knows that help will be on the way rather than waiting for someone to come looking for him at the end of a shift. Similarly, if teachers are involved in a live-fire situation, they can immediately alert authorities.”

– Yaniv Amir, Essence USA President

All you need to do is press the button on the pendant and a hands-free communication system will be activated, alongside real-time tracking and immediate response from a 24/7 monitoring service.

Essence will also be showcasing their Essence Care@Home senior smart alerting platform which allows seniors to access the emergency response system via voice-recognition, from anywhere in their home.

This system comes supplemented by the emergency pendant that detects falls and immediately notifies emergency personnel by opening a two-way communications channel with a trained EMT.

During the CES, the visitors will be able to test Essence’s technologies and browse the company’s line of pendants.

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