Teenager Hacks Into Apple and Downloads 90GB of Secure Files

Credit: Pixabay

Apple’s servers are widely believed to be tightly secured and so far the company has not been faced with a massive breach of any kind that would have threatened to expose any user data. At least that’s what we would like to believe.

Turns out, a 16-year old Australian boy managed to hack into the company’s servers, securing 90GB of files and accessing customer accounts while he was at it.

He also reportedly named the folder containing all the stolen data “hacky hack hack”, which basically makes this kid my favorite person of 2018 so far.

The company eventually identified the security breach and, in turn, notified the FBI who handed over the issue to the Australian federal police. They searched the teenager’s home and seized two computers, matching the serial numbers of the devices with those that have accessed Apple’s internal systems.

According to the boy’s lawyer, as stated by The Age newspaper, his client admired the company and hoped he would work for them one day.

Apple has denied that the customers had been in any way affected. The company did not specify to the press exactly what information has been accessed or how they managed to identify the boy.

The teenager has pleaded guilty on all accounts and will return to court for sentencing in September. Honestly? After sentencing, Apple should follow-up with a job offer.

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