Tesla Cyberquad Might be the Safest ATV

Tesla Cyberquad Might be the Safest ATV


Tesla’s Cyberquad electric ATV was first unveiled along with the Cybertruck in 2019.
The CEO recently made a bold statement in regards to the vehicle, saying that it will be the safest ATV in the world.

During Tesla’s shareholder’s meeting, Elon Musk was asked whether Tesla is planning to build Cyberquad at Gigafactory Texas and he made the first comment in a while on the product, saying “we are definitely be making Cybertruck here and so probably the ATV too. The ATV is an interesting design challenge because ATVs are pretty dangerous and we want to make an ATV that is the least dangerous ATV.”

During the conference, the CEO also connected the Cyberquad to the Cybertruck, delayed for late 2022.

“It will have a very low center of gravity because the battery pack is going to be down low. I think we can do some things with the suspension to make it really hard to roll this thing. When an ATV is rolling is when bad things happen. It’s going to be the ATV that won’t roll.”

The original prototype was a Yamaha Raptor ATV turned to electric with the help of a Zero Motorcycle powertrain, and it doesn’t seem like the company is at a superior stage of design for the Cyberquad.

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Tesla Cyberquad Might be the Safest ATV
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