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Tesla Is Moving its Headquarters to Austin, Texas

According to a recent tweet by Tesla’s CEO, the company is now moving its headquarters and its programs to Texas/Nevada.

The announcement confirms rumors on the company’s move, after tension between Musk and California going on for months.

Even without Palo Alto as Tesla’s home base, the company still aims to raise production in Fremont by 50%. 

Musk also said the company “will be continuing to expand our activities in California, so this is not a matter of Tesla leaving California,” but will develop “even more so” in Texas.

The news came Thursday during Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting when the chief executive officer advertised the plan. With that, he highlighted the fact that among the reasons for leaving the San Francisco Bay area is the lack of affordable housing and long commute times.

Meanwhile, the “Megafactory” project, which will develop an energy-storage product for utilities – Megapacks, started near Lathrop.

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Tesla Is Moving its Headquarters to Austin, Texas
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