Tesla launches ‘Standard Range’ Model S and Model X, while reducing prices of ‘Long Range’ and Model 3

Image: TechCrunch

Tesla has changed its model lineup, getting rid of the entry-level Standard Range variants for Model S and Model X.

“To make purchasing our vehicles even simpler, we are standardizing our global vehicle lineup and streamlining the number of trim packages offered for Model S, Model X and Model 3,” Tesla said according to Reuters.
This means it’s now more expensive overall to get into the all-electric Model S sedan or the Model X SUV, but the company also lowered the price of the new entry-level Long Range variants of each vehicle and dropped the starting price of the Model 3 to $38,990.

“We are also adjusting our pricing in order to continue to improve affordability for customers,” Tesla added, according to the same source.
Lowering the number of model variants at the top end of the lineup should help Tesla minimize costs and get high-end buyers to focus on trim levels, generating greater profit potential for the company.

Recently, Tesla announced its highest number of vehicle deliveries in a single quarter, reaching 95,200 vehicles, a growth of 51% from the previous quarter. Model 3 accounted for about 80% of the total, underscoring the vehicle’s role as the linchpin of Tesla’s growth strategy.

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