Tesla Whistleblower Goes to SEC, Says Company Knowingly Used Unsafe Batteries

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Tesla whistleblower Martin Tripp, who was sued by Tesla in June for hacking confidential company information, filed a tip with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) with grave accusations.

Beyond saying that the company lied about the Model 3 production numbers, over-reporting the number by up to 44%, the disgruntled former employee also stated that Tesla used batteries with puncture holes for vehicles that were actually sold. More than that, Tesla allegedly reused scrapped parts in order to meet production quotas. The company has previously denied all accusations and remained quiet on the SEC filing but Elon Musk called his previous employee “a horrible human being.”

Martin Tripp was employed at Tesla since October and was supposedly disgruntled over a lost promotion. He gave Business Insider internal documents that showed that Tesla’s Gigafactory might have lost, due to scrap, at least $150 million, a figure contradicted by Tesla itself.

The battle prompted Elon Musk to send a company-wide memo warning his employees that many organizations “want Tesla to die.”

After this SEC filing, it seems that this particular incident won’t come to a resolution anytime soon.

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