Tesla’s Autopilot To Receive More Responsibilities in The Future


While the days of fully autonomous vehicles are still far from us, Elon Musk did tease that Tesla is currently testing “traffic lights, stop signs & roundabouts in development software” which will allow the Tesla to “go from your garage at home to parking at work with no driver input at all.

While we don’t expect the car to completely drive itself without any driver input, the Navigate on Autopilot’s new incoming features would most likely be a nice surprise for those of us who are, for example, not very comfortable with the thought of navigating maze-like streets in heavy traffic.

For the time being though, the Autopilot system is only aimed for highway driving as it doesn’t have the ability to handle stop and traffic lights just yet. With the added abilities Musk is mentioning, the car would, technically, be able to navigate city roads.

In spite of Elon Musk’s tweets, he didn’t mention anything about when the features would become available. Knowing Musk though, he’ll tell us a bit more about it quite soon.

Even so, Tesla has stated over and over again that the drivers still need to pay attention to the road because the Tesla Autopilot is still a Level 2 driver assist. The Tesla owners should be ready to take control of the vehicle at a moment’s notice, Tesla advises, just in case.

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