The ADcase Is an Impressive Airbag for your Smartphone

The ADcase Is an Impressive Airbag for your Smartphone

adcase active damping case iphone airbag case

A German engineering student might have just come up with the solution for all the cracked iPhones out there: the ADcase mobile airbag system.

This amazing case features springy legs that will pop-up as soon as the smartphone starts to fall, softening the impact of a fall and ensuring that no sensitive parts come in contact with the floor. Afterward, the legs can simply be popped in back in the case. #mobilemagic

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ADcase stands for “active damping” case and this design brought its creator Philip Frenzel the German Society for Mechatronics 2018 award. How he got this idea? One day he casually threw his jacket over a chair and his brand new iPhone, forgotten in a pocket, flew out of it. Now, after four years of tinkering and writing a bachelor thesis, Philio Frenzel will bring the ADcase mobile airbag to Kickstarter sometime this summer.

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It really looks like a great design, let’s just hope that it’s been tested properly and won’t accidentally deploy in someone’s pocket!

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