The Gorgeous Oppo Find N Is The First Oppo Foldable Phone
oppo find n

The Gorgeous Oppo Find N Is The First Oppo Foldable Phone

It’s been three years since we saw a foldable Oppo phone prototype and now the wait is over.

Meet the gorgeous Oppo Find N, the first foldable phone from Oppo that’s almost ready to hit the shelves.

Created after “four years of intense R&D and six generations of prototypes,” the Oppo Find N will launch on December 15th at Oppo Inno Day.

Right now, the only thing we know about this phone is how it looks because, other than a video and an image, Oppo kept mum on specs.

“First and foremost, a device must be beautiful. Nowadays as our industry comes up with more advanced and complex technologies, it is ever more crucial for us think about what a good product should be based on the fundamental needs of each person. We believe that a good product must first be beautiful and pleasant – simple in design, natural and comfortable in material. It needs to offer powerful performance while maintaining an appropriate weight and size. Especially for a foldable device with a large-screen, it has to feel good in the hand. The OPPO Find N has achieved each of these,” said Oppo in the press release.

The Oppo Find N specs should be pretty advanced though to keep up with the competition, especially since it’s the first foldable phone from Oppo.

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The Gorgeous Oppo Find N Is The First Oppo Foldable Phone
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