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eBay 3D Viewer For Sneakers Takes the Fight to StockX

eBay is feeling threatened by StockX, the start-up marketplace for sneakers that’s loved by all sneakerheads and competitors, and wants to get some of them back on their platform.

That’s definitely why eBay announced eBay 3D True View, a 3D viewer for sneakers that’s similar to what StockX has but a little bit better. eBay’s 3D True View lets you rotate the image in all angles, not a single plane, so you can get a better idea of how a sneaker might look on your feet.

The new feature is created in partnership with Unity, the biggest game engine developer in the world, and takes sneakers for scanning by taking a video from all angles. That video is then converted into a photorealistic 3D image of the item, which you can view from all angles on eBay’s mobile iOS and Android apps.

With sneaker collecting and reselling at an all-time high and one of the hottest fashion trends in recent years, eBay’s move shows that the ancient platform still has what it takes to be in the front of the race.

“For sellers, this feature will unlock new opportunities to showcase their items in true-to-life detail. For buyers, this experience will allow them to examine the actual item they’re looking to buy from every possible angle, as if holding it in their hands, from the stitching to the sole to the quality of the material and everything in between,” said Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at eBay.

Right now, only a few select sneaker sellers will have access to eBay’s 3D viewing feature but the company expects a wider release in 2022. If you’re a seller, you can sign up on the waiting list to be among the first to try it.

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eBay 3D Viewer For Sneakers Takes the Fight to StockX
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