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The New Huawei MatePad Paper vs Kindle: Who Will Win?

Huawei came at MWC 2022, the hottest event in tech, with a surprise no one saw coming: a worthy competitor to the Kindle.

In the battle between the new Huawei MatePad Paper and Kindle, the new e-Ink tablet has plenty to offer.

This one is not just an e-Ink book reader but also a full-fledged e-Ink tablet with a stylus.

It has a 10.3-inch e-Ink screen you can draw notes on using the Huawei M Pencil. That comes in handy when converting handwriting into text or signing PDF files.

Even though it’s a 16-bit grayscale screen with 256 monochrome colors, the MatePad paper can actually play videos in a pinch, so points for that!

huawei matepad paper taking notes

Even more, while it comes with Huawei’s Harmony OS (the company can’t use Google products), it also supports sideloading of APK files.

That means that on the Huawei MatePad Paper you aren’t forced to just use the Huawei Books app but will also be able to install your favorite e-book reader app.

The MatePad Paper has 4GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage and features WiFi and a voice recorder.

Right now, in the MatePad Paper vs Kindle find, the stylus and that sideloading make us incline towards Huawei’s product but pricing does matter.

Unfortunately we don’t know the MatePad Paper price or availability just yet. Hopefully by the time Mobile World Congress wraps up, we’ll have those details as well.

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The New Huawei MatePad Paper vs Kindle: Who Will Win?
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