The New Marvel’s Secret Invasion Trailer Really Feels Like Winter Soldier

Emilia Clarke in Secret Invasion - screencap from official trailer

With a few months left until Marvel’s Secret invasion launches, the new trailer does an incredible job of raising stakes.

The new Secret Invasion trailer is all gritty, all political, and it feels very much like Winter Soldier, one of Marvel’s most successful movies. With Winter Soldier, Marvel proved they could do a more mature take of their heroes and managed to expand the audience beyond dedicated Marvel fans, appealing directly to those who love spy thrillers.

Now, the studio will do the same, pairing Samuel L. Jackson with Academy Award winner and absolute darling Olivia Collman, who will play MI6 agent Sonya Falsworth.

As for Emilia Clarke in Secret Invasion, just a few days ago Samuel L. Jackson revealed that her character isn’t a new addition to the franchise but someone you’ve met before. Who?

From a Vanity Fair feature:

“Remember when Ben [Mendelsohn, who plays Skrull Talos] was there with his wife and daughter?” Jackson said. “She’s the little Skrull girl grown up. She’s his daughter.” Named G’iah, the young Skrull is described as a radical with differing ideals from her father regarding how the alien species should approach living on Earth.

Marvel’s Secret Invasion miniseries will launch on June 21st. It will have 6 episodes and will stream on Disney Plus.

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