The Pixel 4 XL Images Leak, Yet Again, New Codename Hints At Possible Pixel 4a

The Verge

Hey, guess what: after hands-on details and no less than two videos of the Google Pixel 4 XL have surfaced online, a handful of new images showing off the phone have apparently been sent to The Verge recently. 

Google Pixel 4 XL Leaks In Two Videos

According to the publication, most of the leaks that have been floating around online last week have come from a Vietnamese shop called D Store Mobile and the new images are no exception; though the store didn’t want to go into details about how it got its hands on the device in the first place, it did mention that the unit they had was an unfinished ‘test model’ so keep that in mind when looking at the photos below. 

The photos at least confirm the design we have seen so far, with the white back and black sides which have been lovingly dubbed as a ‘panda’ style. Other than that, the images don’t offer any insights into anything else that we haven’t already seen leaked previously. 

The Verge notes however that “the main rear camera will be getting a slightly faster aperture, moving to f/1.73 on the Pixel 4 from f/1.8 on the Pixel 3” and that the phone will “shoot in 16:9 by default so that photos can take up the entire camera screen, despite the sensor remaining 4:3.” 

Meanwhile, 9to5Google dug up something else from what the publication calls the “dogfood” version of the Google Camera app found on a pre-release Pixel 4: a reference to ‘needlefish’. Apparently this is a Google device codename that has made an appearance in the past when a developer listed the codenames ‘Coral’ and ‘Needlefish’ as codenames Google and other companies used. 

These codenames were eventually tracked within the Google app and it was ultimately revealed that ‘Coral’ was the codename for the Pixel 4. Now, with the new camera app leak, three codenames made an appearance: Coral, Needlefish and Flame. 

This re-emergence of Needlefish led people to believe Google might actually release a third device soon after the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL release – it could be the Pixel 4a, at least according to 9to5Google. Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt: the codename might actually belong to a scrapped device, to a Pixel Watch or even a Pixel tablet or something completely different and unexpected. 

So far, Google has kept silent but, considering the Pixel 4 is expected in October and we’re already neck-deep in leaks, who knows what’s around the corner? If we find out anything new, we’ll keep you updated. 

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