Twitter Spaces Clubhouse Alternative Enters Beta on Android
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Updated: Clubhouse Alternative Enters Beta on Android – Clubhouse Coming Too!

May 17th update: Clubhouse on Android is on its way too!

According to TechCrunch, the Clubhouse on Android app will be available worldwide within a week – but the list of countries is a bit surprising.

Android Clubhouse will reach Japan, Russia and Brazil first, on May 18th.

Then, India and Nigeria will get access to it on May 21th, with the rest of the world to follow that afternoon.

This marks the end of the Android Clubhouse app beta testing, which only started a few days ago, on May 9th.

The Android version of Clubhouse too just started development just a few months before, while Clubhouse has been on iOS since March 2020. 

Right now, if you look for Clubhouse on Android’s Google Play Store, you’ll be met with a project management tool, but fortunately you won’t have to wait long for the real deal.

Meanwhile, Twitter Spaces, the social media giant’s alternative to Clubhouse, has started gaining traction. You can see what it has to offer here.

Original story from March 12 below:

Wanna join Clubhouse on Android but got sick of waiting for that version of the app?

Twitter is moving in Clubhouse territory, with an Android beta test for Twitter Spaces opening now.

The Twitter Spaces feature has been in beta for a while now but, just like Clubhouse, it was iOS only.

Now, Android users can also take advantage of the new voice communications.

Those in beta can be invited to join rooms called Spaces and will see a purple aura where they can join, but they won’t be able to create their own Space just yet.

The select Twitter users who can create their own Space have a Compose button in the lower right corner or the app or they can swipe right and enter the Fleet creation screen.

What’s so cool about Clubhouse or Spaces?

In December, Twitter wrote a pretty good sum-up of why this type of apps are taking off, saying that “at a bomb dinner party, you don’t need to know everyone to have a great time, but everyone feels comfortable at the table” and that they wanted Spaces “to have that magic feeling too.”

It’s clear that they’re on to something, since Clubhouse reached a billion dollar valuation. 

If you missed what Clubhouse is all about, this is a pretty good overview, especially on the security side!

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Updated: Clubhouse Alternative Enters Beta on Android – Clubhouse Coming Too!
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