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These Glasses Will Keep Your Weight In Check By Monitoring Chewing Habits


The answer to keeping your weight in check will soon stand right in front of your nose – or on it, rather. Instead of counting calories with dozens of apps and scales, smart glasses will keep record of what you eat, when you eat it and even how much of it you consume #objectmagic

Researchers from Germany’s University of Passau developed a pair of 3d-printed glasses that can monitor your chewing habits. The Diet Eyeglasses, as they are called, can sense that activity using EMG electrodes that are built in the frames.

Electrodes analyze the responses made by muscle contractions and can say when the user is eating and how much is he consuming. But how can they say when you’re eating the recommended salad and when you’re slipping with a chocolate cake? Well, that’s the job of algorithms. “We derive features from the sensors’ measurements and apply machine learning techniques to categorize the foods consumed,” explain researchers Rui Zhang and Professor Oliver Amft.

So, the glasses can say the time, content and size of your meal, but will they be able to keep one’s food agenda one day? If the team can integrate their findings with an app that provides great user experience, maybe. One thing’s for sure – they won’t trigger too many questions: “Compared to dedicated recording devices worn on the head or neck, regular-look eyeglasses are convenient to use and not stigmatizing.”

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