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These Nimo Smart Glasses Are Actually A Mini Laptop with 6 Screens

There are smart glasses that play music or take photos and then there’s the Nimo, the truly SciFi looking gadget. 

The Nimo Smart glasses are actually an advanced computer giving you access to six virtual screens on which you can work when away from the office.

nimo smart glasses
Screenshot from Nimo glasses beta announcement

The dual 720p displays might look tiny but the image your eyes sees is the virtual equivalent of a 45 to 50-inch screen. 

And no, they don’t need a cable to be tethered to a PC, laptop or other processor.

The Nimo smart glasses manage to cram a Qualcomm XR1 processor capable of handling regular office tasks like writing documents or doing project management. Pair them with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and maybe your favorite earbuds, open their virtual displays and you have a pretty SciFi replacement for your laptop. Alternatively, you can use your phone as a trackpad instead of a Bluetooth mouse. 

nimo smart glasses

They charge like a pair of wireless earbuds, simply by putting them in their charging case.

According to The Verge, who talked to the the Nimo Planet developers, the plan is to launch an Enterprise and a Developer program, where third-party developers can get early access to dev kits and companies can reserve units for their employees. 

They aim to have those Nimo units shipped in the first half of next year at a price tag of $799. 

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These Nimo Smart Glasses Are Actually A Mini Laptop with 6 Screens
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