TCL TVs With IMAX Enhanced Stream Movies That Look and Sound Like the Filmmaker Intended

These TCL TVs Are Among the First to Stream Movies That Look and Sound Like the Filmmaker Intended

Experiencing content as the filmmaker intended is no longer the privilege of the lucky few. TCL is democratizing it, by bringing to the market a new series of 8K TVs with IMAX Enhanced.

The latest 8K QLED TV from TCL, the X915, debuted up at CES last month. Besides a glorious 8K resolution with the capacity of upscaling content to 8K, local dimming and far-field voice control, this series stood out for its IMAX Enhanced certification. As a 75- or a 65-inch model, the X915 can deliver an experience that remains faithful to the filmmaker’s creative intent.

The entire idea behind IMAX Enhanced, a program launched by IMAX and DTS, is to bring home the best possible representation of what the filmmaker intended. This means not only digitally remastering content for home devices, but carefully analyzing and granting certifications to those products that meet their performance standards.

TCL’s X915 is one of the first well-known TV sets with a display that has proven its quality in terms of viewing mode, resolution, color, brightness and contrast. Not only that, but it is one that can guarantee an incredible audio experience thanks to “fully immersive IMAX signature sound.”

This “signature sound” is actually a proprietary audio mix (deeper bass, higher dynamic range) painstakingly recreated for a living room environment, by leveraging DTS:X codec technology.

If you’re wondering who decided what is deemed “IMAX Enhanced”, those would be members of a committee formed by IMAX, DTS and Hollywood’s leading technical specialists.

But that’s not all. The X915 is also equipped with a retractable built-in camera, which can ascend and descend automatically when prompted.

Surely this TV must cost a fortune! Not exactly. According to Michael Zhao, Senior Product Manager TCL USA, the new series will be more affordable than the X10 from last year.

The TV series is already on the Chinese market and TCL is bringing it next to Europe and Australia in Q2. US is probably next, although Zhao didn’t confirm it, nor did he reveal the price point expected for this market.

Another reason to watch out for TCL TV products this year is… miniLED. This January, TCL launched the world’s first TV series with mini-LED backlight, the. Thanks to their display expertise and manufacturing capabilities, these TCL TVs also benefit from the company’s proprietary Vidrian technology.

How does that translate to the end user? “Compared with the existing LED LCD production process that uses traditional printed circuit board manufacturing techniques, TCL’s newly developed process that melds semi-conductor circuitry together with a crystal substrate will deliver greater efficiency, greater light precision and greater luminance output.”, the company states in a press release.

It’s interesting to see TCL is covering all its bases and all its fans; whether they are cinephiles that can’t wait to power up an IMAX Enhanced TV or trendsetters that appreciate the perks miniLED TVs bring.

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