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These Video-Recording Sunglasses Are Bound To Make You Feel Like James Bond


We’ve come across some pretty cool gadgets this year and we’re definitely adding these HD video recording sunglasses from Wiseup to that list.

The sunglasses have a 720p HD pinhole camera which allows the users to record up to five hours of footage on just one charge.

By the way, they also come with an Mp3 player, so you can listen to spy music while you do your spying. Or when you go off to your outdoor adventure of your choice, whichever option you’re more keen on.

The Mp3s can be stored and played through the sunglasses via a pair of earbuds that attach to them directly. If you’re not into listening to music while you do your activities, you can detach them easily. The sunglasses have an integrated memory chip for audio and video storage which you can extend thanks to the microSD slot.

Leaving aside the gadgetry, you might be surprised to find out that they do a pretty good job at just being sunglasses – they have high-quality polarized lenses as well, which shield your eyes from bright light and even snow light or water flares.

The sunglasses are priced at $92, but there’s a discount going on this week, so you might want to check Amazon and other similar retailers if you want to grab them with a cheaper price tag.

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