Apple Physical Stores Are Now Open
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They’re Back, Baby! Apple Physical Stores Are Now Open

stores closed last March, with no reopening date in sight, their future was uncertain. Not anymore, though, as the company reopened stores to various degrees.

If you’re itching to purchase an Apple product offline or are in need of professional advice, you’re in luck – all 270 Apple stores in the US have opened. Now, not all of them ensure the same services we were used to before the pandemic hit.

You will find that some allow in-store shopping, while others works just as Express storefronts. Safety rules also remain in place – customers need to wear masks and there’s only a set number of people allowed inside.

In Europe, things don’t look so good. In France, there are still some Apple stores closed while in the UK all of them remain closed except for Genius Bar services.

If you want to know for sure how is the situation of your local store, check this page – there you will see what type of services to expect from Apple and, if you need it, use the app to book a face-to-face, one-on-one meeting.

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